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주소: 서울시 마포구 동교로18길
9-13 [서교동 464-56]

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연락처: 02-325-2102
계좌: 479001-01-179485

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ThePlus Architects builds narrow office block 

for a South Korean book publisher


* 이 글은  2016년 3월 21일 웹진 <dezeen>에 게재되었습니다. 아래는 본문의 일부입니다. 


전문을 보시려면




An office for a book publisher is housed within this faceted white building, designed by South Korean studio ThePlus Architects for a six-metre-wide site in Seoul.

Horn by ThEPluS Archhitects
Photograph by Youngchae Park

The client, who works as both a writer and a publisher, wanted to create a private workspace for himself, but also a place where he could host small lectures, seminars and other events.

Horn by ThEPluS Archhitects

Seoul-based ThePlus Architects was tasked with accommodating all of these activities within a heavily restricted site in Seogyo-dong, measuring six metres across and 10 metres deep, and flanked by taller buildings on three sides.

Horn by ThEPluS Archhitects

Photography is by Ryoo In Keun, unless stated otherwise.